Terms And Conditions

These are terms and conditions of Hello Russia Tours. Booking services with Hello Russia Tours means that you agree to the terms and conditions stated below.

BOOKING. Bookings are made on our website via the “book now” button, email, or by phone. Contact information can be found on our website. After agreeing on tour details, a tour confirmation will be sent.
PRIVATE TOURS. Booking a private tour means that it will be only you, your private guide and private driver on the tour. No other tourists will join your tour.
ITINERARY: Hello Russia Tours offers a range of tours that have a certain itinerary. Each tour runs according to the description on its web page. Upon customer’s request, the itinerary of a tour can be changed (when mutually agreed).
PRICE: We quote price per tour for your whole party. You can find information about what is included in the price in the ‘What’s Included’ section. If the number of participants (adults/children 0-14) changes after the tour was confirmed the total price may also change. To avoid misunderstanding, please check the ‘What’s Included’ section in your tour confirmation.
CUSTOMIZED TOURS: We organize customized tours upon request. Upon confirmation of the tour, the final price will be provided. The price of the customized tour depends on the duration and options included in the tour itinerary.
CHILDREN: All children under 7 go free of charge on all our tours. However, certain charges may apply for children under 7 going on a shore excursion from a cruise ship. All children under 14 go free on our Walking tour, Boat tour, and Metro and Roof tour. For other tours a discounted rate for children under 14 is provided. ISIC holder also go for a discounted rate, but the card has to be shown on the tour.
RESTRICTED MOBILITY: Please inform us in advance if there are people with physical restrictions in your group or if special equipment or a handicapped accessible vehicle is needed.
DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT: We do not require any deposit for our Walking tour, Metro and Roof tour, and Peterhof tour. The tour can be paid online by credit card or in cash upon meeting the guide. Other tours may involve non-refundable expenses (purchasing the tickets for the tour in advance). To guarantee that the tour takes place according to customer’s request, we require a 30% deposit for some tours (for example, the Hermitage Museum tour and Catherine Palace tour). The deposit must be made no later than 14 days before the tour date. If the deposit is made (or the tour is requested) less than 14 days before the tour date, we cannot guarantee that museum tickets will still be available. The deposit can by paid by credit card online (no fee will apply) or via Pay Pal (fees may apply). The prices shown in US dollars (USD) and euros (EUR) on our web page are approximate and may not correspond to the actual exchange rate.
NO EXTRA PAYMENTS: No extra charges will apply in case of a longer tour caused by external factors, e.g. traffic. If the tour is prolonged by customer’s request, additional charges may apply.
CHANGES/CANCELLATION: We will do our best to make everything work according to the plan. However, there are factors that can affect the itinerary of the tour. External factors such as traffic conditions, roadwork, weather conditions, museum business hours, and any unforeseen circumstances not related to Hello Russia Tours company may cause changes in the tour itinerary. Hello Russia Tours does not take responsibility for third parties. In connection to this, Hello Russia Tours reserves the right to change or cancel a booking with informing the customer as soon as possible. The customer is entitled to accept the tour changes, take a different tour or cancel the tour for a refund (if applicable).
REFUND: There are no cancellation fees for our Walking tour, Metro and Roof tour, and Peterhof tour. The 30% deposit for the Hermitage Museum tour and Catherine Palace tour is not refundable if the tour is cancelled less than 14 days before the tour.
TIPS AND GRATUITIES are not included in the tour price. Tipping your guide and driver is not required, but appreciated.