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Temperature in Russia: Fahrenheit vs. Celsius
July, 1/2016

Temperature in Russia

Russia is a country of contrasts, especially if we talk about its climate and temperatures. When planning a trip to Russia, it is highly essential to choose the right season to come. Talking about temperatures, it is useful to know that Russians measurements are in Celsius (metric system). For people from Fahrenheit-oriented countries this type of measurement can be challenging. How to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and back?

To understand temperatures in Russia you have to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius:

  1. Start Googling
  2. Count it with the formula °F= °C × 9/5 + 32
  3. Just have a look at the table below
Celsius Fahrenheit
Water boils 100° 212°
Normal body temperature 37° 98,6°
Hottest summer (July) in St.Petersburg 35° 95°
Average summer in St. Petersburg 21° 69,8
Coldest summer (July) registered 41°
Water freezes 32°
Average winter in St. Petersburg -19° -2,2°
Famous Siberian winters (average) -50° -58°
Lowest temperature registered in Ojmjakon (town in Siberia) -70° -94°

Many foreigners who have never been here have an established opinion that Russia is a country of eternal frosts and streets covered Welcome to Russiawith snow (where Russian bears like to go for a walk and drink vodka). Among other stereotypes about Russian cold winters are probably the most truthful: we do have low temperatures in the winter time and as you may see from the table the coldest town in the world is located right in the East of the country – it’s Ojmyakon (with  its -70°C/-94°F). However, due to its huge size, the Russian territory includes many climatic zones – not only extremely cold ones. Temperatures in Russia are very diverse. Surprisingly, Russia has a number of great sea resorts like Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa located in the southeast (Russian coastline of the Black sea). The summer temperatures here go up to +40°C/ +104°F!

When traveling to Russia you will most probably have St. Petersburg in your wish-list. Here the summers are quite mild and comfortable. Many people tend to come to St. Petersburg during this season. However, there is a number of enjoyable winter activities as well, that can make your Russian experience even more special. In our articles Summer vs. Winter you will find  an overview of the most popular summer and winter activities in St. Petersburg.

Hello Russia Tours is always welcome to give you an advice about the best time to visit Russia.

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