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Most popular ski resorts in Russia
February, 17/2017

Most popular ski resorts in Russia

Russian ski resorts are a popular destination in the end of February – March for the lovers of active holidays Early spring is the time when the strongest frosts are already gone, but the snow hasn’t melt yet. In many Russian ski resorts you will be guaranteed with bright weather: sunshine, fresh air and clear sky. Hot tea will for sure make your day. For the lovers of active holidays there’s a number of ski resorts in Russia, in its different parts. In this article we are going to review the most popular Russian ski resorts.

Sochi – Rosa Khutor

russian ski resortsNowadays, Rosa Khutor, being located on the shore of the Black Sea, is known to be the biggest and most popular among other Russian ski resorts. Here, in the surroundings of Sochi, in 2014 the winter Olympic games were held, which definitely contributed to its popularity. For the needs of this international event they have developed a lot of new runs that are equipped with all modern technologies: elevators, fake snow machines, snow smoothers and others. The resort has everything for a comfortable and enjoyable vacation: a number of high-class hotels, well-developed infrastructure, skiing and snowboarding classes (private and group), equipment rental, etc. The total length of the ski runs is 94 kilometers (58,5 miles) with the highest peak 4920 meters (16140 feet) above the sea level. 20 lifts are at the guests’ disposal. The ski season lasts for almost 140 days a year. These days they organize lots of different activities and competitions for skiers and snowboarders on a local and international level.
More details you can find here.

Baikalsk – Gora Sobolinaya

russian ski resortsAnother great skiing place is located deep is Siberia. The name of the little town Baikalsk derives from the lake Baikal – a Siberian lake, famous for being the deepest fresh lake in the world. To the south of Baikal there’s a mountain chain – that’s the place we are going to talk about. The name of the ski resort sounds as ‘Gora Sobolinaya’, which means ‘sable mount’. Although, Siberia is famous for its cold winters, skiing is getting more and more popular here and a lot of tourists arrive to Baikalsk to enjoy this great experience. There are many hotels located close to or on the territory of the resort. Some of them you can find here. The ski runs make up 15 kilometers (9,3 miles). The highest point is 1004 meters (3293 feet) above the sea level. The key feature of Gora Sobolinaya is that from every slope you can admire a wonderful view of the mighty Baikal. At the bottom of the runs there are a few cosy ski bars and cafes to warm up with hot tea or mulled wine, or have a snack. Everyone can find a run to their taste: from beginners to professionals.

Kirovsk – Big Wood

russian ski resortsAnother hot spot for skiers and snowboarders is located in European part of Russia. Due to its location it is very popular not only with Russians, but also with foreigners. The Big Wood in Kirovsk is the most high-altitude ski resort in the area. It’s equipped with a number of different lifts (T-bar, chair or gondola lifts). The total length of the runs is 45 kilometers (27,9 miles). The Big Wood provides all kinds of services for an unforgettable trip: from accommodation to equipment rental, ski and snowboarding classes, spa, fishing and lots of different activities and competitions. Check out their official web page for more information.

St. Petersburg – Igora

russian ski resortsOne of the other Russian ski resorts is located in a 1,5-hours drive from St. Petersburg. Isn’t it a great chance to combine sightseeing in the metropolitan city with sports fun in the countryside? There are trains and buses that can bring you directly to the Igora ski resort. It’s very convenient to come for a day if you’re visiting St. Petersburg. For those of you who want to spend more time at the resort you can book a hotel room, an apt or a cottage. Local spa services will help you to relax after a long day of skiing. There’s also a swimming pool and a gym for the guests. 3 T-bar and 2 chair lifts bring people up. 8 runs are organized for skiers and snowboarders with different level of training. For ski runners they have developed three picturesque itineraries. If you’d like to visit Igora, but you are unsure of how to do it, contact Hello Russia Tours and we will be happy to help you!

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