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Fabergé Museum
March, 28/2016

Faberge Museum in Saint Petersburg

The Faberge museum is one of the most remarkable in St. Petersburg despite its young age. The Museum opened its doors on the 19th of November 2013. Being privately owned it has already conquered thousands of hearts of St. Petersburgers and visitors with its scale and splendor.

Firstly, the collection that you see in the museum is the biggest one in the whole world! Secondly, it is its location. The museum is situated in the very heart of the city neighbouring the famous Nevsky prospect (St. Pete’s main street) and the Anichkov bridge (one of the city’s first bridges).
The collection is exhibited in the Shuvalov Palace that was restored to the needs of the museum. The halls with precious Faberge museum eggs, priceless jewelry and real art masterpieces overlook the grandeur Fontanka River, which add a lot to the impression.

The story of the museum collection starts in 2004 when Victor Vekselberg, a Russian businessman, establishes Link of Times – a cultural foundation. Its aim is to get back the treasures and art works which Russia lost in the 1920-1930s. In the same year the foundation receives nine Fabergé Imperial Easter eggs that Mr. Vekselberg buys from Malcolm Forbes for over $100 million.

Since then the foundation has assembled the most remarkable collection collection in the world! Today the collection of the Faberge museum accounts for 4000 items including works of applied and fine arts, gold and silver jewelry and tableware, porcelain and paintings.

In 2006 Link of Times begins the restoration of the Shuvalov Palace to recreate its initial beauty in the Neo-classical style. Owned by the richest families in the 18-19th centuries the palace was left unattended after the Great October Revolution 1917. Due to the hard and professional work of the restorers the palace starts to shine in new splendor. Today the area of almost 4,700 sq. meters (which is over 50,000 sq. feet) is at the disposal of museum. The exhibition space covers 12 galleries dedicated to the particular workshops and time periods.

The highlights of the collection are the nine Imperial Faberge Eggs produced for the last two Russian Emperors – Alexander III and Nicolas II. All of them are real masterpieces of jeweler’s art and at the same time historical monuments closely connected to the private life of the Royal family.

Faberge museum open hours

The Faberge museum is open everyday day expert Friday
10am – 6pm – group excursionsFaberge museum egg "May lily"
English groups start every 30-40 minutes
Duration of each excursion – 1 hour
The last tour starts at 5pm
Max group size – 15 people


You can book e-tickets online
6pm – 8.45pm – individual visits
English audio guides available

The audioguide rental – 200 RUB
Refundable deposit of 1000 RUB is required (cash only)

The Shuvalov Palace, 21 Fontanka Embankment.
+7 (812) 333 26 55

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