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Cheap flights to St Petersburg
January, 12/2017

Looking for cheap flights to St Petersburg?

It’s not a secret that when traveling flight tickets become a considerable part of your travel budget. However, there’s a number of tricks of how to get cheap flights to St Petersburg. It this article we’re revealing our secrets how to save money when booking your tickets to St. Petersburg.

It’s time to book your flights!

First of all, figure out the time when you want to come to Russia. When choosing the time of your journey take into account that summer months are the most popular in St. Petersburg, which inevitably leads to the price rise. There are lots of summer activities that people are striving to enjoy! However, we want to highlight that there are lots of fun activities in winter too (check our articles Winter Activities Part 1 and Part 2). February or March is the perfect time to book your cheap flights to St. Petersburg if you want to save some money. In winter due to the low tourist season the ticket prices are reasonably lower (2-3 times lower than summer prices). The prices also differ during the week: on Monday or Tuesday, you may find better prices than on the weekend.

Search engines

Today it is common not to check one or two flight companies but look though a few travel search engines, such as Google flights, kayak.com or faircompare.com. They show a whole database of thousands of flights around the globe, which makes the search very simple. Even though these aggregators mainly make the same flight suggestions, the prices can vary a lot. They can even be cheaper than the ones that the flight companies offer! Check out a few websites for booking tickets that are popular in Russia:

Low cost companies

There is also a number of low-costs to Russia that offer great deals for traveling. Many people disregard them cheap flights to St. Petersburgthinking that the low prices cause low safety level. In reality, the situation is different: the prices are reduced due to other factors, for instance, they do not provide in-flight meals, baggage limitations can be stricter and the tickets can be non-refundable. The quality of the flights is still on a good level. The most popular low-cost to Russia is AirBaltic: it provides cheap flights to St. Petersburg and Moscow from all the major European cities (Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussel and many others). Some other low-cost flight companies are AirBerlin, Wizz Air, EasyJet, Vueling.

Points and miles

Many flight companies (both regular and low-cost) offer to join their bonus programs for frequent travelers. Such programs can really save a part of your budget. The membership allows the participants to earn points or miles, get rewards and receive special offers for different destinations. Aeroflot, being Russia’s largest flight company, invites you to sign up and start getting points for every flight you book with them. Later you can use these points for paying your tickets to St. Petersburg or Moscow. You can pay the whole price or have a reasonable price reduction. One more great thing is that they have lots of non-stop flights straight to Russia (for example, from London, Paris, New York or even Beijing!)

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