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    One of the most popular St. Petersburg activities are boat tours - popular not only with tourists but also with locals. One gets a unique chance to see St. Petersburg from the water - a must do when you are in a naval city!

    Perfect for hot sunny day!
    1-2 hours
    daily 9.00 - 21.00 (depends on weather)

    St. Petersburg is one of the most romantic cities on our planet. But the atmosphere of the 18th-century city wouldn’t be complete without it’s famous waterways. The point is that St.Petersburg is literally cut through with numerous rivers and canals, natural and manmade.

    Our Northern capital is located on the delta of the river Neva, right where the river enters the Bay of Finland. The Neva can truly be called the main artery of the city - it’s a navigable river actively used as the main water way to the Baltic Sea. Russians are very proud to say that it’s the widest river in the whole Europe! The Neva has many tributaries and branches and all together they make up a water web covering St. Petersburg.

    We offer private boat tours to our customers - it’s only you and your private tour guide being led by a professional captain. The tour covers cruising along the main waterways such as the Fontanka River, the Moyka River and the Griboyedov Canal. Not to mention our magnificent Neva with its glorious granite embankments!

    Please note, the navigation is open during the summer period only: from April to November. It may be a bit cooler due to the breeze so don’t forget to pick a jacket just in case. However, we also provide warm blankets on board to make the tour comfortable for you.

    The tour can be booked separately or added as an option to any other tour.

    Hello Russia Tours provides private boat tours for groups up to 8 people. For bigger groups send us a request. Make the most of Russian holidays!

    This St.Petersburg boat tour is for you if...

    You want to know
    • total number of the rivers and canals in St. Petersburg
    • why there are so many of them in St. Petersburg
    • how many bridges cross the Neva
    • why St. Petersburg draw bridges became the symbol of the city
    • what Russian traditions are connected with rivers
    • what is the biggest island of St. Petersburg and how big it is
    You want to see
    • the river Neva - main city’s waterway
    • Palace embankment with its dominant - the Winter Palace
    • main highlights of the city from the water
    • Peter and Paul Fortress
    • the Church on Spilled Blood
    • the Bronze Horseman
    • numerous bridges
    • the Spit of Vasilievskiy Island

    How much does it costs

    1 person 9900 RUR

    2 people 12500 RUR

    3 people 13500 RUR

    4 people 14500 RUR

    5 people 15500 RUR

    6 people 16500 RUR

    7 people 17500 RUR

    8 people 18500 RUR

    9 and more upon request

    Children under 14: go free of charge
    What is included
  • private boat with a professional captain
  • private guide
  • meeting at the hotel
  • all taxes

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