Restaurants in St Petersburg | Where To Eat in St. Petersburg
September, 28/2016

Restaurants in St Petersburg

If you are tired of visiting museums, parks and rivers and canals, Hello Russia Tours have a look at our guide of restaurants in St Petersburg.

Where to eat on St Petersburg


Russian classics and more


Nevsky pr., 20, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 312 91 60
Average bill: $– ≈750 rub.
Cuisine: Russian
Back to USSR! This place allows each visitor to time travel – around 40 or 50 years in reverse, back to the Soviet era which is conveyed through both interior and menu – with such staples as kholodets (meat with jello), varenikis (dumplings), «dressed herring» (herring with vegetables and mayonnaise) and many more.

Mamaliga Mamaliga restaurant

Kazanskaya st., 2, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 571 82 87
Average bill: $$- ≈1 500 rub.
Cuisines: Georgian, Caucasian
Heading South! – and trying some of the Georgian best. Our personal favorites include kebabs, khachapuri (cheese-filled bread) and chakhokhbili (chicken with sauce), however, the menu includes dozens more of traditional Caucasian dishes.


Nevsky pr., 22-24, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 640 16 16
Average bill: $$- ≈1 500 rub.
Cuisine: Russian
No doubt here: Katyusha is the right place to get acquainted with the Russian food for the very first time, be it the most common classics, like pies, pancakes or dumplings, or more sophisticated options, like sturgeon caviar, carp or moose stew.

Dress up

Palkinrestaurants in St Petersburg

Nevsky pr., 47, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 703 53 71
Average bill: $$$ ≈3 100 rub.
Cuisine: Russian
Palkin, which dates back to 1874, is one of the oldest restaurants in St Petersburg, having outlived two revolutions, the fall of the Soviet Union and a grand renovation in 2002. A visit to this restaurant is a chance to experience an authentic atmosphere of XIX century St. Petersburg – and of course, try the most renowned dishes, like sturgeon or lamb on bone.


Sadovaya st., 12, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 640 19 00
Average bill: $$- ≈2 800 rub.
Cuisines: Russian, European
Treat yourself to a delicious journey back to the Imperial Russia. Historic interiors with antique accents allow anyone to dive into an atmosphere of the beginning of the XX century. The menu is a unique twist on traditional Russian dishes, like starlet back, veal liver and a set of caviar.


Glinky st., 2, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 903 23 73
Average bill: $$- ≈1 500 rub.
Cuisine: Russian
One of the most authentic restaurants in St Petersburg is called Sadko. It will take you through the history of Russian art. Zhostovo paintings, folk flowers and Murano glass lamps – what else would be better for a dinner after your private tour of The State Hermitage? Oh and by the way, make sure to stop by on a Thursday or Friday evening to see the waiters singing!

Sky lounge & panoramic view restaurants

Volga Volga restaurantrestaurants in St Petersburg

Petrovskaya embankment, stairs 1, in front of house 8, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 640 16 16
Average bill: $$- ≈2 500 rub.
Cuisines: Russian, Italian, European, Mediterranean, Japanese
Volga Volga is unique in its essence – the restaurant is located on a boat, which cruises the Neva river during summer and offers an impressive choice of European cuisine dishes – from seafood to a good old pasta and steak. A wine of your choice from a wide choice will be a perfect companion for this cruise.


Pochtamskaya st., 3–5, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 640 16 16
Average bill: $$- ≈2 500 rub.
Cuisines: European, Italian, Russian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Chinese, PanAsian.
Enjoy an absolutely unique view of the Isaac Cathedral from a panoramic restaurant Mansarda. Minimalistic, yet cozy, here, the interior will allow you to relax and enjoy a glass of wine with a meal of your choice. Be it a classic steak or something more original, like a foie gras with apricot jam – get ready for an unforgettable evening.


Kazanskaya st., 3, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 640 16 16
Average bill: $$- ≈2 500 rub.
Cuisines: European, Italian, Japanese, Singapore, Pan-Asian, French, Russian.
This restaurant is located in the very heart of the city and its terrace offers a breath-taking view of the Kazan Cathedral. Best time to visit is on a sunny summer day when the terrace is open. If you do prefer to take it inside, however, you can enjoy the cooking process through an open kitchen.

All-time favorites

Bonch coffeerestaurants in St Petersburg

Bolshaya Morskaya, 16, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 740 70 83
Average bill: $– ≈800 rub.
Bonch cafe is one of the most popular places among students (especially from the St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design located just across the street). Perfect chance to try Russians’ favorite coffee, raf, that was invented in Moscow in the 90s.

Zoom cafe

Gorokhovaya, 22, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 612 13 29
Average bill: $– ≈1 000 rub.
Zoom cafe has been here for so long, one might say that St. Petersburg was built around it. Breakfasts here have become a good tradition restaurants in St Petersburg, while evenings are typically filled with laughter, board games and music. And its visitors can keep a secret – it is one of the places the locals don’t give out.

On the go


Bolshaya Morskaya, 11, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 363 23 32
Average bill: $– ≈400 rub.
Cuisine: Russian
Teremok serves famous Russian blinis (most similar to crepes), rolled up with different fillings. A wide choice of classics include blini with caviar or salmon, as well as sweeter options, with honey or cherries. Teremok cafes are located all over the city and are easy to find.


Nevsky pr., 11, site
Tel.: +7 (812) 314 70 21
Average bill: $– ≈500 rub.
Stolle is all about pies – and takes them very seriously! Try traditional Russian pie Kulebyaka with meat or mushrooms, a salmon or a chicken pie – or end your meal with a sweet pie, with lemon or blackcurrant filling. And remember, the most important thing with pies is to know when to stop (or not, if those pies are as delicious as in Stolle).

Pita’srestaurants in St Petersburg

Nevsky pr., 65, site
Tel.: +7 (911) 001 08 00
Average bill: $– ≈500 rub.
Pita’s is a place for locals and is yet to be discovered by tourists. It offers an impressive menu built around falafel and shawarmas – two staples when it comes to street food in St. Petersburg. Their special is shawarma with cranberry and the salsa sauce served with the fries – those are to die for.

Vegan restaurants


Marata st., 23, site
Tel.: + 7 (812) 946 30 36
Average bill: $– ≈600 rub.
Cuisine: vegan
Ukrop is a go-to destination when it comes to raw and vegetarian food. Pasta, creme soups, ravioli and an impressive choice of desserts for reasonable prices rightfully to make this place one of the most popular vegan restaurants in St Petersburg.


If you need help in making a reservation for you, feel free to contact us!

Russian Fall: What to do in St Petersburg in fall
September, 27/2016

Russian Fall: What to do in St Petersburg in fall

What to do in St Petersburg in fall

Here, on Hello Russia Tours we strongly believe that the best time to visit St. Petersburg is any time you want! Each season offers a number of exciting activities that will keep your schedule busy. The most bright part of the year is the so-called mellow fall or golden Russian fall. Take your pick – and enjoy your trip!

Fall highlights

Golden autumnWhile summer is typically the most popular season with tourists, St. Petersburg during fall is a completely different city with its own charm and beauty. September through November the city experiences a noticeable drop in temperatures – reaching the October average of around 6C (43F). Note that it rains fairly often and you might want to bring a raincoat or an umbrella. Also, make sure you pack a warm scarf and rainboots – never a bad idea.

Theatre season

Russian fall marks the start of a new theatre season. Indulge yourself into one of the most renowned St. Petersburg experiences and book tickets for an opera or ballet in a theatre of your choice. The choice is wide indeed: the Mariinsky Theatre, the Alexandrinsky Theatre, the Mikhailovsky Theatre and many more always welcome tourists and all those who adore the classic art.

Warm coffeeshops on rainy days

Warm coffeeIf you still haven’t planned what to do in St Petersburg in fall – just don’t do anything! If your ideas for the day are interrupted by a rain, relax, accept it and make the most of the day! St. Petersburg is known for dozens of coffeeshops around the city center. You can pick a small one, like I’m Thankful For Today or the one with a view, like Mickey’s&Monkey’s. Trust us, drinking hot coffee and taking in the local St. Petersburg atmosphere is sometimes the best sightseeing you can do and a perfect way to make a gloomy and gray day a much brighter.

Pushkin and St. Petersburg parks

Monument to Alexander Pushkin
Monument to Alexander Pushkin in Tsarskoe Selo

Best place for a little getaway in the midst of your trip to St.Petersburg – a small town of Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo) located an hour away from the city. Enjoy imperial architecture, long walks by the pond and, of course, your private tour to The Catherine Palace. If you are not willing to leave the city, explore the beautiful parks here – The Summer Garden or The Tavrichesky Garden, which you can find in the very heart of St. Petersburg. Fall paints the city all shades of red and yellow – you don’t want to miss it, the views are truly breathtaking!

Russian Summer: What to do in St Petersburg in summer
September, 12/2016

Russian Summer: What to do in St Petersburg in summer

What to do in St Petersburg in summer

What is the best time to come to St. Petersburg? And to Russia in general? Most of you will for sure say “Summer” and will definitely be right: warm sunny days, green parks, fountains and flowers. What else can a traveler wish for? There are actually a couple of things that can change your mind. Let’s take a look at our list of what to do in St Petersburg in summer. By the way, this series of articles presents an overview of summer, fall, spring and winter activities.

Russian summer highlights in St Petersburg

It’s not a secret that tourism is St. Petersburg is seasonal. Many people take the advantage to visit the biggest northernmost city in the summer time (from May to September). The warmest month in St. Petersburg is July with around +21°C (69,8° in Fahrenheit). Since St. Petersburg is located on the coastline of the Baltic sea the climate is quite humid here. However, constant breeze makes warm sunny days very comfortable and pleasant.

Attractions that you can see in St Petersburg in summer only

Boat trips4148

The calling card of St. Petersburg are its rivers and canals. Quite often do we call St. Petersburg the Northern Venice. Numerous boats drifting to and fro catch the attention of bystanders. Why not take part in this great activity? It’s a special impression of the city when you observe it from a different angle, pass by great buildings of the Hermitage museum, slip under the bridges and move along curvy canals. Boat tours are a must in the summer!


Russian Summer is really warm. It is the best time to visit one of main St. Petersburg attractions – Peterhof Palace. It is the residence of Peter the Great that later became a big center of the Russian court life. The residence is also knows as the Russian Versailles, and there is a good reason for this. Peterhof is a wonderful ensemble consisting the Grand Palace and Parks spreading along the cost of the Baltic sea. Fantastic fountains and sculptures, flowers and gilded statues make you cast beyond the moon.

White Nights (Beliye Nochi) during Russian summer

kopiya-white-nightsThe most sophisticated tourists know that the best time to come to St. Petersburg is from mid-June to mid-July – the period of the White Nights. Never heard of that? It’s a natural phenomenon that inevitably attracts a lot  of tourists to St Petersburg in summer. Due to it’s location (59 degrees 57′ North) the nights in St. Petersburg are bright. You can easily read a newspaper at 2 a.m. without any lamps. Isn’t it a nice way for the city to save some money on the street lights, huh?

This is by far not the end of the list. St. Petersburg is very multisided – there are hundreds of museums, thousands of restaurants, bars and coffees, theaters, parks, shops etc. in the city. Even the most demanding travelers can find something to their tastes! Russian summer is very attractive for tourists. But if you are planning to come to St Petersburg in winter you can find some ideas here and here.

Travel tips for Russia
(Part 2)
September, 10/2016

Travel tips for Russia (part 2)

In a new series of travel tips here on HELLO RUSSIA TOURS we continue to give you a step-by-step guide on how to make it to Russia – and have a time of your life here. Our second chapter is dedicated to some of the most important aspects of your journey – take notes!

Before leaving your hotel aways check for the following:

  •  offline maps with a option pin your hotel location;
  • a business card from your hotel with an address written in cyrillic – in case your taxi driver doesn’t know English. It’s rare, but better be prepared;
  •  your credit cards and some cash;
  •  your passport or ID;
  •  an umbrella or a raincoat – you never know where the rain will catch you (see Part 1).

St. Petersburg Metro

Visiting St. Petersburg, do not miss the chance to use its most convenient means of public transportation. Here are a few travel tips of how to do it. St. Petersburg subway is simple in its minimalistic construction: it only has five lines. The easiest way to travel via subway is with a token, which is valid for one trip (from the moment you go through the gate until you walk out of the station of your destination) and costs 35 roubles (approxtravel tipsimately $0.50). You can also purchase a subway pass for 10 rides (in 7 days), 20 rides (15 days), 40 rides (30 days) or up to 70 rides. You will have to buy an extra ticket for your luggage. If you are planning on using other means of public transportation (including buses, trams, etc.) consider purchasing an all-in-one pass called Podorozhnik.
From time to time certain stations can be closed for renovation, for a period from a couple of months to a year or even more. When picking a hotel or an apartment for your stay see if the closest subway station is open during your visit.

St. Petersburg Cathedrals

St. Petersburg Cathedrals are of no less interest than the city’s renowned rivers and canals. Visits to Kazan and Saint Isaac’s Cathedrals, The Church of the Savior on the Blood, and many more are all in a must-do list, but ultimately come with a few strings attached (all of them you can visit during Walking Tour). These sacred places have their own dress-code: women are strongly encouraged to wear skirts and cover their heads (with a scarf, for example) upon their entrance, while men, otherwise, are supposed to uncover their heads (take off hats, hoods, etc.). It is not customary for both men and women to visit churches and cathedrals in revealing and provocative outfits, short skirts and dresses and low-cut tops. Remember to keep quiet and beware that some churches forbid any pictures taken, while some allow it, but with no flash only.

Tipping in Russia

As in many other countries, in Russia it is customary to tip at the restaurants. Many of you would ask how much is the tip in Russia? It is approximately 10-15% of the total in your check. In the absolute majority of cases, the tip won’t be included in you bill. Very few places allow tipping via credit card, so be sure to have some cash on you. Beware that some restaurants include service fee for parties of 6 or more people.
Generally, it is uncommon to tip your taxi driver. Most companies operate on a fixed pricing, although you are, of course, always welcome to leave something extra tips to the driver. If you are using international apps like Uber, you can set up your tipping in the settings. Tipping your tour guide is fairly common and is always very welcomed.

Russian souvenirs

While the traditional Russian doll matryoshka or a bottle of vodka are great Russian souvenirs, we encourage you to explore a few other tips In the biggest bookstore Bookvoed (Nevsky pr., 46) you can find a large selection of funny and original gifts from St. Petersburg: candies in beautiful art packagings, socks embroidered with raindrops, postcards and much more. The Imperial Porcelain Factory has a couple of stores in the heart of St. Petersburg and offers beautifully painted plates and cups with quotes from Russian classic literature, stills from some of the most famous Russian cartoons and more. Those with a sweet tooth and a short trip back home ahead will enjoy chocolates and candies from the Eliseevy Merchants’ Store (Nevsky pr., 56). Hello Russia Tours will make your visit there even more convenient, as a stop at this store is a part of our walking tour. All fashionistas are welcome to stop by the Freedom store, a place that carries many local designers (Nevsky pr., 116). And of course, your best souvenir can be a raincoat or an umbrella, but in this case make sure you find something original.